AP-TECH Company
We are a unique combination of a consulting, design and software company operating on the airport market. Our main business profile is to provide complex service for the aviation market. Our goal is to create products designed directly to meet Customer’s requirements. Thanks to this approach, we’ve managed to create products for military and rescue services as well as civil organizations. We are very proud that organizations such as the Polish Medical Air Rescue services trusted us and by using our product Clear AirSpace® can provide better, faster and more reliable service to society. We also care about the safety of operations on both airports and heliports and due to that fact, we have created the concepts of new products – HRESS™ and ARAMMIS™.
Automatic, preventive AGL measurement and maintenance systems
Advanced photometric measurement systems
Navigational aid for pilots
Design and advisory activities
We offer support from the beginning of the investment planning phase, we carry out feasibility studies and prepare tender documentation, construction designs, agreements and registration documents.
Integrated systems
Airport systems (BHS/FIS/FDIS)
By staying in constant dialogue with our Customers and continuous market analysis, we are able to create products meeting all the requirements and designed exactly for a particular organization. We create new solutions and amend existing ones.
Research and Development
In order to continuously improve the quality of our services and products, we cooperate with leading research facilities and leading industry experts. We have a professional and experienced engineering staff thanks to which we create advanced and reliable hi-tech solutions.
Our customers
History – Since 2011 we run business on the aviation market. Over the years, we gained a lot of polish as well us international customers and business partners. Our professional, fair and complex approach to problems with which our customers deal with, gave us the opportunity to build trust and getting authority among wide range of receivers and trade professionals.
Clear Air Space

Clear AirSpace® is a Mobile Application for IOS and Windows devices that serves as a navigation aid for both helicopter and airplane pilots during all kinds of flight operations. In contrast to other navigation apps, Clear AirSpace® puts a special emphasis on individual needs of specialized aviation institutions like medical rescue, transport companies, or private carriers. Clear AirSpace® allows users to add their own, specialized databases and documentation, as well as sending private notifications and messages to all pilots within the organization.


ARAMMIS™ is a system that can move autonomously on airfields and measure parameters of AGL installations. It gives information on AGL performance and maintenance requirements. ARAMMIS™ is the system of the future that can supersede standard measurement techniques in quality, repeatability, reliability,  and effectivity.


HRESS™ is a modern Helipad and Heliport limitation Surface scanning and monitoring system. The system models the required constrained surfaces and heliport area and informs the persons of interest of detected violations. It insures a preventative approach to respond to all types of hazards, significantly enhances the safety of operations and facilitates the management and use of Heliport infrastructure.

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