ATOS™ - Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS)

Airport Technologies Operating System Is a software environment for airside systems.

It integrates various systems operating on the airport to provide enhanced operational features for airports, among these systems are:  

  • ALMCS  
  • FIS  
  • RADAR  
  • Meteorological systems (RVR, ice alerts, wind cones…)  
  • Notifications (NoTAM, AIRMETs, Sigmets…)  
  • Maintenance systems 

It provides A-SMGCS features for different categories of operation, as well as can integrate (or compliment) airport ERP systems along with various custom and effectivity enhancing widgets and applications.  

ATOS™ is compliant with EUROCONTROL Specification for Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) Services (Publications Reference: SPEC-171 edition no 2.0).  

It covers functions of the most important A-SMGCS modules:  

  • The Surveillance Service module – is the first and minimum service to be implemented and is an essential enabler for the introduction of the other services. It consists of an automated system capable of providing airport traffic situational awareness through the representation on a Human Machine Interface (HMI) of identification, position and tracking of aircraft and vehicles within a predefined Coverage Volume.  
  • The Airport Safety Support Service module – provides an automated alerting service to Controllers. It detects and triggers at least one of the following types of alerts: Runway Monitoring and Conflict Alerting (RMCA), Conflicting ATC Clearances (CATC) and Conformance Monitoring Alerts for Controllers (CMAC). The Airport Safety Support Service is using the Surveillance Service and the input of electronic Clearances. 
  • And provides Guidance Service functionalities controlling stop bars and TCLs 

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