HRESS™ - Heliport Remote Safeguard System

Heliport Control and Monitoring System

HRESS™ is a first real time helipad and heliport network management system capable of remote monitoring of locations in terms of:

  • Limitation surface scanning and monitoring
  • Obstacles detection
  • Weather conditions and visibility monitoring(integration with local weather stations)
  • Remote Helipad CCTV access
  • Remote control and monitoring of the lighting system
  • NOTAM data integration
  • Unlimited number of locations to be connected depending on the network capacity
Scanning Module

HRESS™ Scanning Module is a modern Heliport and Helipadl imitation surface scanning and monitoring system. The system models the required constrained surfaces and heliport area and informs of detected violations.It ensures a preventative approach to respond to all types of hazards, significantly enhances the safety of operations and facilitates the management and use of Heliport infrastructure.

Key information
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Placing new Heliport
  • Current hazard information
  • Continuous measurement
  • Remote monitoring
  • Improvement of safety

Violation of the Heliport limitation Surface, unknown to the pilot before reaching destination

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